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3 thoughts on “Log In

    • Hi Mark

      I do get a gazillion requests….in future can you ask questions either via email or by using the ‘Ask Paul’ page?


  1. Paul, I’m usually very tech savvy however, (I know I have emailed with this same issue before, sorry…) I cannot seem to get to the issues when you publish them. I go to the login page and it says “Please enter your details to login to the site”. But there isn’t a place to enter any info? It also says “[You are already logged in. Click here to continue…].” When I click that link it says I have reached a restricted access page. I thought I am signed up for your site but it seems I am never on the right link. I have an automatic login/password saving program that I use but it doesn’t seem to work for your site. I also noted you also have a site “How to Play Bass” but I’m not sure if I am to use that one or the other. I am also following you on Facebook so…I see you everywhere but can’t get to you. Please help me one more time and I will promise to use the correct link and not pester you. I know you have a lot better things to take up your valuable time.

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