Songs You Want To Learn And Facebook?

As per my email, can you hit reply here and let me know songs you’d like to learn.  And also if you’d be interested in a private FB&B Facebook group?

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  1. Hi Paul –
    This isn’t a song, but another request:
    It’d be helpful if you added the chords to the transcriptions. My husband plays guitar and when we play together it would be helpful if he could glance at the pages I have and see the chord easily.
    Just a suggestion.
    Thanks for all the work you do!

    • Hey Anne

      Thanks for that….I wrote about this a while ago. I don’t put the chords on for copyright reasons….but I know that people want chord changes for various purposes so that’s part of the reason I add the programming in BIAB instructions. Sorry I can’t be more helpful!


  2. Thanks for suggesting these new features. I support the FB group and new song request ideas.

    I would like to see / learn more Jazz Standards. So anything you’d do along those lines would be great.

    Thank you again.

    • Hey George

      Thanks for the feedback. (And for suggesting Jared….jsut the kind of thing we should be sharing in the private facebook group!).


  3. Paul,

    Two songs off the top of my head: Venus by Shocking Blue, and Mrs. Vanderbilt by McCartney.


  4. Hi Paul

    I would like to see the following

    Stanly Clark. School Days

    John Mayall. Good Time Boogie from Jazz Blues Fusion

    Ian Dury. Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick the extended long version.

  5. Hi Paul!

    Here’s a couple of song suggestions,
    “Do you read me” Rory Gallagher, “When a blind
    man cries” Deep Purple.
    Regards Thomas

  6. What a great idea Paul!

    As most people are suggesting two, here are mine:
    1) Lindisfarne – Lady Eleanor original version 1971 bass by Rod Clements, current version 2013/14 bass by Ian Thompson, either would be great.
    2) Bob Dylan – any track (they are all good) off the 2006 LP “Modern Times” – bass by Tony Garnier

    I don’t recall any of the three bassists above being featured here before

  7. Hi Paul
    Black Velvet by Alannah Myles
    Knocking on Heaven’s door by Guns n’Roses
    Paul McCartney – Ever present past

    • Been thinking of Black Velvet for a while.

      GNR aren’t my favourites – but as I often say it’s not about me!

      Thanks for the suggestion.

  8. Hi Paul,
    Great idea, indeed !

    What do you think of:
    – The Cure, close to me
    – Jimi Hendrix, Hey Joe (Are You experienced ? Version)
    – Bauhaus, In the flat field
    – Morphine, Buena

    Best regards

    • Just going back through my original lessons and Hey Joe was one of the first videos I filmed….that needs updating.

  9. I’ll add another vote to Venus by Shocking Blue.

    Would also like to see more Fleetwood Mac such as:
    Say You Love Me
    Blue Letter
    Monday Morning
    You Make Loving Fun

    Thanks Paul.

    • I thought I’d done YOU MAKE LOVING FUN at some stage? John McVie is always a great bass player to listen to!

  10. Paul
    I know you have already transcribed the following but a Video lesson would be great

    The song in question is Melissa by the allman Bros

  11. Hi Paul, here’s some songs I would like to learn the bass lines to:
    1.) “Smooth”, Carlos Santana
    2.) “Wagon Wheel”, Old Crow Medicine Show (everyone plays this song on this side of the Atlantic)
    3.) “Tequila Sunrise”, Eagles
    4.) “Mr. Jones”, Counting Crows
    5.) “Slide”, Goo Goo Dolls
    6.) “Hey Jealousy”, Gin Blossoms

  12. A top requested song for weddings is “The Way You Look Tonight”- swing style,( not the Michael Buble version.)
    Also looking forward to the “Uptown Funk” video.

    Facebook group is a great idea.

    • Facebook group trialling in about a week. Though I’m going away the week after, so may leave it until after then. Uptown Funk coming soon – just gotta find my octave pedal! It’s gone missing!

  13. Hello, Paul

    I think the Facebook idea is great for many reasons. It would make me use Facebook more often for sure


    • I’ve got a memory that Bass Player covered some of this at some stage. Can’t remember when though. It’s plectrum and an effect by Anthony Jackson – phaser I think. Great line though.

  14. Songs by The Eagles. You did one for Witchy Woman that was very helpful. New Kid in Town is one of my favourites.

  15. Hi Paul,

    You have been a remarkable teacher and helped to increase my bass playing massively. But, for a while, I’ve felt most of the your song transcriptions were unpopular tunes. In the past 2 months, my band has done the songs below which are popular but not on your Index’s: I will say that because your help in increasing my ability, I figured them out. Your transcriptions make it faster as well as there are some notes (riffs) I might be missing.

    Blondie – Calling on the telephone, Dreaming
    Cars – Just what you Needed – Bye Bye Love
    Rainbow – Street of Dreams
    Linda Ronstadt – Poor Poor Pitiful Me, Its so Easy
    McBride – My Baby Loves Me
    CCR – Green River
    Heaven – Los Lonely Boys (Excellent use of string muting/timing)
    Also, your Index doesn’t include much of these artist Ronstadt, Melloncamp, Benatar, Trisha Yearwood (doing 2 of her songs in a few weeks- hint hint).

    Thank you again for your help. I enjoy your teaching and your style/methods of teaching. You ROCK.


    • Also the other reason to get feedback was like this – and to start a private facebook group – is that what’s popular for bands to play in the UK is going to be very different than what’s popular in different parts of the US.

  16. I’D like to learn one of the funkiest songs ever. The song is Skin Tight by the Ohio Players with Marshall Rock Jones on the Bass

  17. Hi Paul,

    I would love to do some “Air” (La Femme D’argent/le voyage de penelope) or “Stone Roses” (Fools gold/I wanna be adored/I am the resurrection).

  18. Yes could handle a facebook ‘club’ as not on that much …yet!
    A few requests:
    The Kinks 60s- Waterloo Sunset, Dead End Street, Big Sky, Autumn Almanac
    The Who 60s: Substitute, I’m a Boy, Can’t Explain, Mary Ann with the Shakey Hand
    Squeeze – Tempted, Pulling Mussels, Cool for Cats
    The Smiths – This Charming Man, Nowhere fast, The Headmaster Ritual

  19. G’day Paul,
    Some good tunes on the Eagles dvd “Hell Freezes Over”.
    Linda Rondstadt “Blue Bayou”.
    Bob Dylan “Thunder on the Mountain”.

  20. Hi again Paul ans All,

    I think you’ve already done a few Jeff Beck tunes…. Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, Brush with the Blues and People Get Ready…. Woule like to see more…. Maybe one from when Woody played… Please refresh our memories as to what issues The three songs I referred to above were covered in.

    While I am at it, Ill ask for “Hallelulah I love her so” ala Humble Pie.

    Much Thanks as always,


  21. Hey Paul, I would like to learn Boogie on reggae woman and any finger funk style music. Tab and video, please and thank you.

    • Ha ha – Boogie On Reggae Woman! That’s a master piece level bass line by itself! Bass Player did a transcription of it (2005 I think). I nearly fainted when I saw it!

  22. Hey Paul, I’m really enjoying the Bass for Beginners course – think the 50 working bass lines will be next followed by V2 of cracking the Detroit code when it becomes available. I have been listening to a lot of Northern Soul lately and there are some amazing baselines with that genre.
    Anyway I digress, “Down by the River” by Neil Young and Crazy Horse and “Parisienne Walkways” from Gary Moore’s Blues Alive album would be nice if you could.

    • Hey Darren

      Thanks for the suggestions. Already done Parisienne recently in FB&B – though the studio version!


  23. Paul

    I have been asking for this one since Day 1. (And that’s a long time now). No luck.

    “Space Cowboy” by the Steve Miller Band from the album by the same name.

    I’ve also requested the greatest song ever recorded. “Sexy Sadie” by John Lennon off the Beatles White album.

  24. Hi Paul, I’d like to see some transcriptions of Kasim Sulton’s bass work with Utopia (you features his work on Bat Out Of Hell recently). The album Adventures in Utopia has some good bass lines in it.

  25. Hi Paul,at last we can ask you for a song :-)I would like to learn “oh well” some might say it easy to play and I have seen a lot play it.But not right the middle part of the song has some nice bass lines it and the song over all can by fast in places.when you 5 bang it on and you see what I mine.ok for now keep up the good work me old mucker .mat

    • Hey Peter

      Did you know that JPJ played bass on the Dustry Track???

      Me either. Just ordered that album. Thanks!


  26. Hi Paul,

    Some excellent picks above! A few suggestions from a long list I’ve made of songs I’d like to learn…

    Hey Bulldog — The Beatles
    Cannonball — The Breeders
    It’s Obvious — The Au Pairs
    Pressure Drop — Toots and the Maytals
    Lovesong — The Cure
    Strange Fruit — UB40

  27. Paul,
    I’ll second Roy’s suggestion of Poor, Poor, Pitiful me by Linda Ronstadt.
    In a similar vein, how about Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London? (John McVie on bass)

    • More blues standards is definitely something that I will be covering. See this week’s issue where there will be some stuff for whipping post! And Facebook Group is coming in about 10 days.

  28. Hey Paul
    Matt wrote may 16, that he wants to learn the bass for “oh well”.
    Could it be the early Fleetwood Mac tune he refers to?
    Have a nice weekend!
    // Thomas

  29. Tom requested “Blue Letter.” A great Fleetwood Mac song. I think they used to end their shows with it back in the day. Wow

    Here’s “Space Cowboy” In the past you’ve said you weren’t familiar with the song. Super easy.

    Want to do some blues standards? This one is Albert Collins rockin’ the blues: “I Ain’t Drunk (I’m Just Drinkin’) don’t tell my old lady…

  30. Hi Paul,
    Would love to see the following at some stage.

    The Pretenders – Stop Your Sobbing, Talk of the Town
    Bangles – September Gurls – maybe as part of a mini series on female bass players.
    The Jam – That’s Entertainment, version from Sound Effects album.
    Squeeze – Tempted
    and some Blondie as suggested by Roy would be great.


    • Paul

      Daytripper can be found in the Beginners Course – lessons 24 and 25 if my memory is serving me correctly!


  31. I would love to see you teach some songs from The Jam.

    I have an Ezine from November 2013 that lists Down in the tube station and Strange Town but I can’t find them on the web site.


    • Hi Ian

      I’ll have a look at this….as I’m sure we’ve taught some Jam ones from time to time. Have you checked the index?


  32. Hi Paul,

    I would like to see a transcription of the bassline in “Jigsaw Puzzle” by the Rolling Stones. It is on the “Beggars Banquet” album.

    Also I would like to see something from the Traffic album “On the Road”, where they had David Hood on bass. “Tragic Magic” would be my favorite.


  33. Blue Sky – Allman Brothers
    Mountain Jam – Alllman Brothers – I know it is way long – even if its just the cool introduction
    24 Hours at a Time – Marshall Tucker –

  34. Saw the post on Cake. Couldn’t agree more. Great band out of San Francisco. Good bass work.

    Also. School Boy Crush by Average White Band.

  35. Hey Paul: listened to the band Panic! At the Disco. Awesome bass work in the song Girls/Girls/Boys-not sure who is the bass player but nice work!

  36. Paul, for the Deliberate Practice sequential learning course, look at the song “Nicest Kids in Town” from the movie version of Hairspray. Very fast 8th note piece. The bass player on the track was (I believe) Neil Stubenhaus.

  37. Hello, Paul…would love to learn “Blue Velvet” by Bobby Vinton. Bye the way, your teaching methods are great. I’ve learned so much and had fun doing it. I’ve become more confident in the songs I’ve learned to play. I’ve long way to go, but you’ve given me a great start…thanks.

  38. hi Paul .its been a pleasure learning with your site and style although I actually liked the old way of videos and not the split screen just my personal opinion ,as I’m a bit slower ive just got to facebook never used it before and could make a go of it some early sabboth, like fairies wear boots would be cool or lost in the fifties bass cover as well thanks again for the great courses

  39. Hi Paul,

    A couple of slow Hollies standards might be nice for use beginner-beginners,

    e.g. He Aint Heavy or The Air that I breathe.


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